The construction of the world’s most beautiful airport in Singapore CONSTRUCTION

Aerodrom Jewel Changi Singapur
Aerodrom Jewel Changi Singapur

Jewel Changi Airport will be located in Singapore and will be like no other airport in the world.

The airport will stand 10 floors high, 5 of which will be below and 5 above ground. In addition to the terminal, this airport will have shops, and rest, entertainment, and recreation centers.

The airport will be constructed on the location of the old parking lot near the present Terminal 1 at Changi Airport and will be connected with other terminals.

The central part of the airport will hold the Forrest Valley, a five-floor garden with thousands of trees, firns, and bushes.

The airport will be constructed in the shape of a doughnut, with the 40 m Rain Vortex waterfall cascading through its center, accompanied by sound and light effects at night.

The airport will also house a hotel with 130 rooms and new underground traffic connections between the airport terminals and the railroad.


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