Close to the very centre of the business arena in Belgrade, an exclusive SPA Centre  Lago di Spa has recently opened, situated on 600 square meters of luscious greenery and pleasurable surroundings.

Lago Di Spa welcomes all those who are eager to find refuge from everyday life and surrender to the beauty of living.

What excels this spa centre from others is a diverse offer of numerous treatments coming on the scene for the first time in this region.

Salt cave with halotherapy has the authentic features with over 500 kg of salt from the Dead Sea and salt mine.  Only one salt cave treatment replaces 4 days at the seaside. It is recommended to both, adults and children, and it is extremelySlana pecina-Lago Di Spa beneficial for the overall mental and physical condition of the body, respiratory tract, allergies, sinusitis, asthma, as the prevention from inflammations and colds, chronic infections, stress and a lot more than that.

The focus is also on a diversity of massages. In addition to classic massages such as relax and sports massages, there are also the Hawaiian massage, aromatherapy massage, lymphatic drainage, hot stone and semi-precious stone massage, massage with herbal pindas, royal massage, reflexology, traditional Thai massage performed by the specialists from Thailand and the Indian “Ayurveda” performed by a doctor and therapist from India, where “Ayurveda” has been recognized as an official system of medicine.

What is also very interesting is the offer of baths. You can pick and choose from bathing in flowers, beer, green tea, white or red wine, while the most exclusive treatment is donkey milk bathing rich with vitamin A, C, D, E, calcium and phosphorous, removing dead skin cells, improving elasticity and treating wrinkles.

Facial and body treatments for all skin types use the professional cosmetics Ericson and Skeyndor from France  and Spain, and the specialist team with the globally acknowledged certificates will assist you in choosing an adequate treatment and advise you on the proper care that you should do at home.

Noninvasive mesotherapy with the up-to-date apparatus yields tremendous results in a slimmer figure, removing cellulite and tightening facial and body skin.

For a proper and quality care of your hands and feet, please try our Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure.

Spa Centre Lago di Spa gives you an opportunity to experience many forms of bodily and spiritual relaxation through Spa rituals as it is done by people in other countries. Massages, exfoliations, packs and baths from Morocco, Israel, Japan, Sweden, India, Thailand and Hawaii will awake all your senses, reenergize and revitalize you.

The Spa Centre includes the hairdresser’s “Atelje Simić & Wella System Professional” attracting the public attention for quite a while now due to its cooperation with fashion magazines, fashion and other shows, and quite a number of ladies in the public eye have given their trust to no other than this professional team.

Visit the Spa with a unique offer and the richest amenities in the Balkans!

Spa Centre Lago di Spa

Majevička 2n, Beograd

tel: + 381 11 319 63 16

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