SOLARIS Yellow Submarines

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Solaris’ unique offer is even richer now with entertainment amenities for the Solarisove zute podmornicewhole family, i.e. three yellow submarines – Solaris Yellow Submarine. Solaris Yellow Submarines were built as per the blueprints of the renowned American designers of various entertainment and research vessels, under the highest safety standards. Yellow Submarines are the first of their kind in Croatia and the only ones to be found nowhere else but in Solaris Hotels Resort. The submarines are 4-meter long and can accommodate a four-member crew or a family. The very cabin diving under the sea can accommodate two crew members. All guests of Solaris Hotel will be able to enjoy researching the underwater world with the possibility to hire the submarine for an hour or half-day. If guests should want a skipper, Solaris may also organize a professional sightseeing for the most interesting sights of the underwater world.


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