Seminar „Transition career” Belgrade, Serbia


Date: 3th – 4th October 2014

Venue: Training center Profectum, Belgrade, Serbia



Brief description:

The seminar „Transition career” will be held from 3rd to 4th October 2014 at the Training Centre Profectum in Belgrade, Serbia.
The seminar is designed for professional in human resource in large systems, but also for smaller companies that have problems with the restructuring of personnel to better and more efficient performance.
How to help employees in a situation of changing jobs, accepting the cancellation and change of career will find out in this seminar. Of course, the participants will also meet the demands of management in these situations which is also one of the tasks.
Lecturer of the seminar is Dipl. psychologist Visnja Helajzen which visited the Manchester Business School.

Some of the topics of the seminar will be:
• How to recognize employees in a problem at work?
• How to win over disaffected executers for cooperation?
• What are the methods for resolving problems in work?
• How to make a decision on the deployment of the new job, or their dismissal?
• How to define your own role in deciding and implementing social programs for surplus employees?


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