Rome’s Cobbled Streets Smoothed for High-Heeled Ladies


Rim kaldrmaItaly is known as the fashion capital of the world but it’s just as famous as for its cobbled streets. The latter fact, however, is just a nuisance in the eyes of high-heeled fashionistas who want to show off their latest pumps downtown. For any fashion devotee, walking down these streets simply means risking a broken limb. To the joy of ladies who wish to parade down the streets of Rome in their high heels, the city has finally decided to redo its cobbled streets, making them safer, especially for “women in heels”.

The first to be redone will be some of the main pedestrian thoroughfares, dominated by famous fashion brands such as Bvlgari, Fendi, and Laura Biagiotti.

However, Rome intends to preserve the historical and esthetic essence of its streets. Most of the streets will just be re-cobbled and set in a concrete base to even out their irregular surface. The “smoothing” will certainly make walking on cobbled streets in precious Italian shoes a less risky undertaking.


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