New Swimming & Spa Complex Horizont


A new Swimming & Spa Complex Horizont is located on a very riverbank of Horizontthe Danube, close to Belgrade and Novi Sad. The Complex includes five outdoor pools and five separate jacuzzi pools surrounded by nature with 1,100 square-meter water area and with a spectacular view on the Danube. In cooperation with Belgrade’s Aqua Pro Group and Aqua Arts-akvamarin, modern pools were constructed with the up-to-date pool equipment, according to the world-class standards for construction and water quality equipment. With a Chillout pool, big water games pool, pool for children and two sports pools, Spa & Massage corner, and a big beach volley court and three summer bars with DJ support, Horizont is an ideal place for the whole-day enjoyment, far from urban bustle and hassle. For its guests, Horizont has provided a car park for 250 vehicles.

In the years to come, there is a plan to expand the complex with a Danube marina, and water sports, an indoor Olympic pool and hotel capacities with the latest wellness and spa programme, as well as continued investment and organization within MICE.

To all its visitors, “Horizont” offers summer with a good view.


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