M.I.C.E. Hockey Bar Open at IMEX America 2015


Have you ever thought that the meetings industry is a sort of sports with its own challenges, team play, records and breakthrough?

Just as in any sports, we set goals, take time for training, follow rules, get frustrated and inspired, win and lose, fall and rise again to reach the highest grounds.

This year Saint Petersburg Convention Bureau is inviting you to join their team at IMEX America 2015!

Ice Hockey World Championship comes to Russia in 2016, and Saint Petersburg is one of the host cities. It’s not that long until that ice and heart breaking competition will be started. The Northern Americans are as fond of ice hockey as people from across the Atlantic Ocean are. So organizers  are happy to share expectations of the forthcoming event and bringing a piece of that celebration to visitors!

M.I.C.E. Hockey Bar is a place to pay tribute to this beloved game! Organizers are going to bring back most memorable moments from the history of the Championship and make bets on where the trophy is going to travel to after the final. Organizers will also make sure that visitors get their own memorabilia of the M.I.C.E Hockey Bar visit. Come and test your team spirit!


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