LifeDESIGN Hotel’s Holistic Center in Belgrade

LifeDESIGN Hotel’s Holistic Center
LifeDESIGN Hotel’s Holistic Center

In Belgrade’s LifeDESIGN Hotel they understand the importance of being successful in business and that modern life creates the need for every individual to devote some attention to their physical and mental condition.

As a result, LifeDESIGN Hotel’s development team created an oasis of well-being in the very center of Belgrade.

This hotel’s services (accommodation, a rich menu in the restaurant, refurbished conference halls, and an excellent Five Elements & Beauty Center) have been raised to a higher level with the forming of a unique Holistic Center and business philosophy.

The Holistic Center offers people who care about their well-being additional, completely innovative services, like workshops dedicated to a healthy way of living or individual development and relaxation plans.

The hotel’s mission is to provide excellent, customer-tailored service for their clients.


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