Introduction in the 22nd number of SEEbtm magazine

SEEbtm 22
SEEbtm 22
Miona Milic
Miona Milic

There is no second chance for first impression. Whether in business or private. The first impression that someone gets about you or you about someone, the first impression when you enter a room, the feeling when someone wishes you welcome (or not), the first impression when you visit a city or country you’ve never been before.

Taxi drivers at the airport, hotel receptionists, and waiters in bars or restaurants I believe to be crucial in tourism, not only for forming the first but also the final impression, which are key to business, functioning, and overall success.
I would never feel welcome in a country where taxi drivers would rip me off (obviously with more than expensive service), I would never feel satisfied where people at the reception would be rude or in a bad mood, I would never feel comfortable in a café or restaurant where the waiter had no sense of humor.

The room or hotel amenities can be excellent, the food can taste or look great, but with a person who is rude and uninterested while greeting you, serving your, or issuing receipts, the first and final impressions are the same – unpleasant.

Life is too short to be drinking bad wine, as they say, but the same goes for spending time and money on places where you do not feel like you’re absolutely welcome and people are delighted to see you. Anything below this, nowadays, is unacceptable.

In this issue of SEEbtm magazine, we will describe the importance of front desk management and employees who have direct contact with guests, or participants of an event.
They are the ones whose behavior or attitude can compensate for certain mistakes made by management (if they occur), but also turn a well-planned event into a debacle. For both things, sometimes all it takes is a single word or gesture. Appreciate and invest in your employees at all levels, those who are on the spot, in direct contact with customers or guests. They are your first, and most often the final impression.


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