Hotel Rooms 155 Meters Below Ground


Neobičan hotel u ŠvedskojOne of the strangest hotels in the world is in Sweden – the Sala Silvermine Hotel whose rooms are 155 meters below ground level and can only be accessed by an elevator located in a former silver mine, which takes guests down to their rooms within seconds. A night at this extraordinary hotel costs €440 and for that price guests can enjoy luxurious beds, champagne, and the use of silver tableware.

There are 14 rooms and they are all decorated in minimalistic style and lit by great chandeliers and candles reflecting against the metal particles in the walls and giving the rooms an unusual silvery glow. There is no cell phone signal in these rooms and the only way to communicate with the outside world is by intercom.

The temperature in the hotel can descend to 20C and, although the rooms are located in a slightly warmer air pocket, where the temperature is usually a pleasant 180C, guests are advised to bring warmer clothing. Despite some shortcomings, the hotel is very popular and is usually fully booked for months ahead throughout the year.


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