Have you heard about the new words in the Oxford online dictionary?

Yolo, Binge-watch, Oxword online dictionary

One of the most recent additions to the Oxford Online Dictionary is the acronym “Yolo” – you only live once.

Besides this, the words “adorbs”, meaning adorable and “binge-watch”, for excessive watching of television or any other screen, as well as the phrase “tech-savvy” pertaining to technology, particularly to computers, and “clickbait” for Internet teaser articles have also been added.

The Oxford Online Dictionary is updated quarterly, providing users with insight in the most recently introduced words in (urban) dictionaries and their meanings.

For the time being, the new words will not be included in the printed version of the Dictionary, which contains a list of historical terms. However, if frequent use of these words continues over a longer period of time, they might one day be included in the printed version.


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