Flying With a Sleeping Pilot


This technology, by means of satellite connections, can achieve much more than the ordinary automatic pilot. The pilot can keep the plane on the certain altitude, at the exact course, and land it to the runway, but this new system will also have the ability to “think” and make its own decisions.

This system could be applied in emergency conditions, for example, if the members of the crew experience an accident. By using the camera placed in the cockpit, and the computers located in the tail of plane, the aircraft will be able to discover certain types of clouds before it plans and starts with manoeuvring, which makes it the first aircraft of that type in the world.

Also, this system disposes of the system called “feel and avoid” which uses a special antenna for identifying aircrafts, and which collects the signals of other air crafts located nearby. In spite of all aforesaid, this project has still not been planned for commercial flights.


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