Bookstore lets customers decide on book prices?!

Knjižara Tua Libre
Knjižara Tua Libre

It’s a fact that every book has its price in any bookstore, but this isn’t the case with a bookstore in Madrid, Spain.

This bookstore, named Tuuu Libreria, lets its customers make the decision on the price of the books they buy.

The bookstore operates under the following business philosophy: “Take as many books as you wish and pay as much as you like. It’s up to you.” The inspiration for the opening of the bookstore was an American project, The Book Thing, an initiative launched in September 2012 with the intent to make books available to as many people as possible.

The bookstore’s offering includes nearly any literary genre, and its doors are open to customers seven days a week, including holidays. Its shelves hold a wide range of classics, mysteries, and romance novels, self-help and motivational books, children’s books, graphic novels…

The only two genres that cannot be found here are schoolbooks and encyclopaedias, and the reasoning is that these publications become out-dated extremely quickly in today’s education system. Organisation Yooou, which was behind the initiative, in this way managed to collect books for 20 institutions, schools, hospitals, and retirement facilities across Spain.

Since the launching of Tuuu Libreria, other Spanish cities have also seen openings of similar bookstores: Barcelona, Malaga, and Torrelondes.


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