The First Aqua Park in Belgrade, Worth Over EUR 20 Million


The completion of the first Aqua Park in Belgrade, the municipality of Zemun, is scheduled for 2013. This investment worth over EUR 20 million will cover 120,000 square meters and will be located near the Danube, and two major European corridors – motorway E-70 and E-75 – and the airport, allowing for a high visit rate to Serbia and the accessibility to this unique complex. The entertainment water park in Belgrade will be four times bigger than the water park in Jagodina, and cover the cross section between the new Novi Sad road and the old Batajnica road in Batajnica. The Zemun aqua park will be built according to the highest European standards, but also to exceed the renowned water parks in Thessaloniki and Budapest. Except for the outdoor pools and water slides which are usual amenities, the park will include specialized restaurants, bungalows, a wellness centre and indoor and outdoor recreational and sports facilities. The plan is also to build two hotels with a total of 400 beds.


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