Would you take a walk down a glass path?

Glass path
Glass path

China is seeing an increase in the trend of walking paths being built at extremely great heights.

The latest glass path addition is located on a cliff top of the Tianmen Mountain in the Hunan province. The path is 100m long and 1.6m wide, and it’s known by the name of Coiling Dragon.

In a little over a hundred steps, the path offers as many as 99 turns to visitors, and the bravest ones can capture quite unforgettable photos. To ensure visitors’ confidence in its safety, the management of the park where the path is located deliberately threw hits at a one of the glass slabs with a sledgehammer, and then drove passenger cars over it.

In addition to the new path, the Tianmen Mountain is home to two more glass paths, as well as one bridge that is 430m long and lies at an altitude of 300m.


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