Scientifically Proved – Mail and Female Brains are Different


The scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have created the maps of neural networks in human brain, which confirmed the existence of great differences between male and female brains. They came to this conclusion as they observed the drawings made according to 1,000 recordings of the brain, thus they established the existence of great differences in neural connections in male and female brains.

The research established that the women have branchy neural network in left and right brain hemisphere, while the men have stronger connections between the neurons of front and back part of brain.

What surprised the scientists the most are the proportions in which their discovery confirms the attitude according to which the male brain is predestined for perception and coordination of moves, while the female brain is more adapted for social skills and memorizing, which is why women have better predispositions for performing of several activities at the same time, so called “multitasking”. The details of the study were published in the magazine “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”.


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