Radisson Blu Resort Split Opens a New Building

Radisson Blu Resort
Radisson Blu Resort

The annex building of the hotel was demolished in January, and, in its place, there will be built a new building with five floors, which will provide sea view from the terraces or balconies of all rooms. The opening of a new building is scheduled for March 2018, when the hotel will again offer 250 rooms and suites.

On the large terrace in front of the restaurant and bar, the renovation is in its final phase, while the opening will occur in May. After the renovation, Radisson Blu Resort will get a new terrace, whereat, along with the restaurants and bars, Champagne & Wine Lounge will be located. The gym will be expanded as well, and will include a yoga room, with which the hotel will provide the guests with a sophisticated variety of wellness, fitness and relaxation.


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