Pino Nature Hotel opened on Trebevic

Pino Nature Hotel
Pino Nature Hotel

Pino Nature Hotel has been opened on 8th January 2016 on Trebevic, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the guests it offers 24 rooms and suites.

In the addition to the accommodation part, hotel offers and meeting rooms, wellness center, restaurant, swimming pool and palygrounds for kids. Within the hotel there is and big terrace from where guest can enjoy in beautiful view on the nautre. Also bike paths, walking trails and playground will be arranged.

In the restaurant guests will have opportunity to enjoy in healthy dishes, considering that the offer is based on the principles of healthy food.

The hotel is located in a pine forest, which provides a perfect opportunity for relaxation in the fresh air, away from the city crowds. Considering that the hotel is only a few minutes distance from Sarajevo, it is an ideal option for both business guests and tourists.

Pino Nature Hotel is the investment of agency Relax Tours, and invested funds were around 1.8 million euros.


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