Advent in Zagreb – The Best in Europe

Advent Zagreb
Advent Zagreb

Celebrating Advent is part of Christian tradition in catholic countries for centuries, and it’s important and inevitable part is Christmas Fair that is usually organized on main city square.

Advent or coming represents forthcoming of Savior and starts four weeks before Christmas which is celebrated on December 25th.

Portal European Best Destination declared Advent in Zagreb the best in Europe for 2016. Zagreb won one of the most prestigious awards in competition with twenty cities, among Vienna, Strasbourg, Aachen, Colmar, Brussels, and London.

Organizers of Zagreb’s Advent announced that this year’s program will be even richer and will be held on more than 30 locations in the city. Part of Advent in Zagreb is project ’’Gift with a story’’, and the goal is to highlight true life values, especially during holiday season. The idea is to encourage people to give others the most important thing – love and their hearts.

CEOs of Tourist Organization Zagreb and Opatija, Matrina Bienenfeld and Lazarela Komlen, pointed out that Advent is an ideal time to get to know Zagreb and Opatija in holiday atmosphere that can be seen and felt on special decorated squares and streets with scent of warm tea, coffee and mulled wine.

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